On a Cloud, Shelby Rahe, 2018.

24” monitors, angle iron, plastic, balloons, water.

On a Cloud is a 5-channel video performance and sculpture. The performance, filmed from five separate perspectives, consists of me lowering myself into a four foot by four foot plastic vitrine filled with water balloons. I maneuver my body around the balloons, popping them, letting water rush out of the unsealed sides of the plastic cube. 

The video is shot from 5 different angles - the four sides of the cube, and a bird’s eye perspective. The resulting videos play in a loop on five televisions mounted onto a four foot tall sculpture made with angle iron. One TV lays horizontally on the top of the sculpture, and four mounted to each vertical side. The screen positions allow the viewer to walk around the piece and watch each angle of the performance as the five videos play simultaneously.

On a Cloud aims to capture an imagined scenario. It represents a desire to experience the entirely improbable. The work is in the lineage of artistic actions that artists of the Fluxus movement pioneered in performance art.